27-29 November, Vilnius

Conference about Big Data, High Load, Data Science, Machine Learning & AI

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Stuart Delivery, Spain


Joan is Head of Data Engineering at Stuart Delivery designing and building tools for a more data centric company. Previously, he worked at Billy Mobile as a Senior Big Data Architect and Tech Lead, where he led the transition to the Hadoop and Spark ecosystem. Also collaborated with some companies as a freelance consultant to provide Big Data good practices.


From Monolith to Microservices with Event Sourcing

It always starts the same: your programming language of choice, a relational database or maybe a shiny nosql one, and, if lucky enough, your application starts to get users, data and money. Business grows, and your app grows with it with a ton of amazing features, cramping your database and struggling with parallelism and concurrency.
At this point, usually somebody shouts “microservices”, and you end up with a lot of more complexity with not-so-micro services communicating synchronously via HTTP with a shared database (obviously with all of them writing and reading at the same time), and you became a bit insane trying to keep pieces from falling appart while adding more features (and microservices).
If anything of this sounds familiar to you, in this talk we will explore how to overcome all this issues and succeed with a microservices architecture and event sourcing. With proper designs and good practises your business will be able to grow seamlessly and ingest thousands of events per second while achieving cruise-speed when developing and maintaining the whole application.
In particular, we will analyse in detail this process of transformation on Stuart Delivery and what problems we faced during our journey, what achievements we made, and what we learned so you won’t make the same mistakes.