Pawel Koperek

Facebook UK, UK

Pawel Koperek is a Data Engineer at Facebook where he helps teams to build great products and make better, data-driven decisions. In the past he worked on a variety of projects including highly scalable realtime data processing systems at Blinkbox Music, airline e-commerce solutions at Sabre Holdings and DB2 monitoring and optimization tools at IBM. In his spare time, Pawel contributes to Open Source and scientific research projects.

Topic: Data Engineering in Facebook Ads teams

Facebook serves ads from over 5 million advertisers to more than two billion people each month. Every day we face the challenge of building new products for such a large user base. In order to focus on the right ones, we have to make well informed, data-driven decisions. This is why using making information easily accessible and understandable is crucial for success of the whole team.

This talk provides an overview of how Facebook uses data to make decisions on the Ads products teams. We will discuss embedding Data Engineers work within cross functional teams, their impact on the product, have a look at techniques which help with standardization and organization of metrics to manage the complexity of data in a scalable way.