Building resilient systems for high traffic with Erlang & Elixir (ENG)

Máté Marjai

Date: November 29, 2017

Location: University of Applied Social Sciences. Kalvarijų str. 137E, LT-08221 Vilnius, Lithuania

About the workshop

Erlang and Elixir are tried and known ecosystems that can handle high load with ease, and without the need to run them on big and costly servers. The workshop aims to share some ideas and simple tips around how to get started with BEAM technologies. Then taking it further, we are going to build an application that can handle tens of thousands of requests per second on a budget, without the need of load balancers and higher spec machines.

The target audience is anyone who has done an application before and would like to learn about the BEAM VM. Coding skills will be required, but not necessarily with Erlang / Elixir. Familiarity with functional programming is a slight advantage, but not required.

The Workshop includes:

  • Introduction to the BEAM languages
  • Benefits and overview of Erlang OTP techniques
  • Getting started – write a simple application that does everyday things that an app does – read from a data store, compute, write and return
  • Try load test it, then see how and where we can improve
  • Add improvements such as process pooling and handling, etc.
  • Deploy it!
  • Some tips and gotchas around development and releases

Main goals:

  • Understand the OTP principles as well as introduction to functional thinking when solving problems
  • Build a web application that can handle load with ease